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  Only gourmet and photography cannot be under-appreciated. Chilling at home, students of Yinghua Club are no longer satisfied with only being “master chefs” any more. With cameras and mobiles handy, the photographers started to keep their own “Gourmet Diary”.

唯有摄影与美食不可辜负。- 映画社er

唯有摄影与美食不可辜负。- 映画社er


  The competition, themed as “Gourmet Diary”, is the fourth competition ever since the establishment of Yinghua Club. We received over 80 photo entries in total from students. It will hopefully help students develop good habits of recording daily lives and discover delights and warm moments in life. Here are the top 20.


Please prepare tissues



《肥宅快乐水》  IFP雅思1班 李善卉

  《可乐》这是一张以暗部为主的图片,我个人认为强烈的光线对比能更好的体现出物体表面的质感。 易拉罐水珠是这张照片不可或缺的一部分,在灯光和背景布的帮助下,水珠显得晶莹剔透,给整张照片添加灵动的元素。

  This is a photo with black background. I think the sharp light contrast emphasizes the sleek surface of the subject. Obviously, the water drops like crystal are an inseparable part of the photo. Assisted by the lighting and dark background, the water drops add vital element to the photo.


《草莓》 日本2班 杨翊闻


  Indeed, there isn’t much to do during this holiday, but I inadvertently found that the fresh strawberries in the glass bowl look cute, so I recorded it as a little fun in life.

"Unpretentious" on the tip of the tongue

《"Unpretentious" on the tip of the tongue》 Alevel 20春2班 柴嘉诚


  In Shanghai, a metropolis, when it comes to food, I believe that a bowl of the scallion noodles best displays the “plain and simple” characteristics. Noodles cooked medium-rarely matched with authentic fried home-grown scallion, soy sauce and finally the dark golden fried scallion, makes life substantial.


《舌尖上的“朴实无华”》 Alevel 20春2班 柴嘉诚


  As the saying goes, the year’s plan starts in spring, and the day’s plan starts in the morning. On a sunny morning, the best choice for breakfast is undoubtedly a slice of freshly baked toast, two half-boiled eggs, and a strawberry pancake.

《R&M》 Alevel 2020春1班  赵思懿

《R&M》 Alevel 2020春1班  赵思懿


  Only yummy hotpot and fresh meat cannot be missed.

《下午茶》 IFP雅思1班 李善卉

《下午茶》 IFP雅思1班 李善卉


  The initiative of taking these pictures is to create the atmosphere of a relaxed afternoon, so flowers and petals enrich the composition as ornaments. Besides, the wooden board increases the texture of the images and forms a strong contrast with the blue table cloth, making the color of the images not so monotonous

《一盘草莓》 Alevel 19秋4班 李卓如

《一盘草莓》 Alevel 19秋4班 李卓如

  夜晚的草莓可以使你开心.照片参数:ISO400 70mm f/5.6 。

  Strawberries make you happy at night.

《韭菜鸡蛋虾仁》Alevel19秋2班 陆畅

《韭菜鸡蛋虾仁》Alevel19秋2班 陆畅


  The picture shows the big dumplings my mother made us for lunch. Although I’m not good at taking photos of food, I still wanted to give it a try. It was absolutely a coincidence that there is normal lighting on the food and a shadow cast by the curtain. It was so perfect. Anyway, I am still happy that I can show you guys my picture.

《Green Matcha》 Alevel 20春1班 李欣怡

《Green Matcha》 Alevel 20春1班 李欣怡


  Ah! Green matcha! Just like your lotus lover!

《简单为好》 港澳2班 翁楠

《简单为好》 港澳2班 翁楠


  A bowl of rice soup is ordinary, just like what life is -- simple, content and easy.

《Leisure time》 日本2班 欧阳晨

《Leisure time》 日本2班 欧阳晨


  On a quiet afternoon, a small yellow peach and strawberry cake and a cup of mellow coffee are enough for me.

《甜筒》 国际预科生 18级校友 钱琇铃

《甜筒》 国际预科生 18级校友 钱琇铃


  No matter how ruthless the pandemic is, as long as we are together, it’s a warm spring.

《Do you want a bite of spring》Alevel 19秋4班 孙丽欣

《Do you want a bite of spring》Alevel 19秋4班 孙丽欣


  The picture was taken before the outbreak of the coronavirus when my friends and I visited a local bakery. The fresh red strawberries are in sharp contrast with the green vegetables next to them. The overall color is fresh and lively, full of spring.

《Sweet》IDP 19秋1班 王子沛

《Sweet》IDP 19秋1班 王子沛


  Actually, this is a famous local dessert in my hometown. It is very tasty, just like a sweet spring that delights people. Therefore, I took this photo with my mobile phone, and I want to share this sweet moment with everyone. I hope everyone can have a sweet spring.

《突发奇想的作品》Alevel 20春1班 闫程程

《突发奇想的作品》Alevel 20春1班 闫程程


  The sparkling cherries are inspired by place mats. Spraying water on the surface of the cherries will make the food more alive. A whimsical shot.

《乐趣小海鲜》 IDP19秋2班 尤俊杰

《乐趣小海鲜》 IDP19秋2班 尤俊杰


  I started to take photos when I was a little boy. The more I practiced, the more I love photography. I believe implanting a photographer’s idea into photos is an artistic expression.

《人间烟火气》 Alevel 19秋4班 郁天烨

《人间烟火气》 Alevel 19秋4班 郁天烨


  This photo portrays a family hotpot in an evening. Delicious food makes people happy. When I smelled the hotpot, a sense of pleasure made me want to record this moment. Even though it is a static picture, I hope you can feel the warmth of a family from the food in this picture.

《恬》 Alevel 19秋4李柯萱

《恬》 Alevel 19秋4李柯萱


  Enjoying the afternoon tea with friends.

《Golden Memories》 Alevel20春1班 任冠旭

《Golden Memories》 Alevel20春1班 任冠旭


  This is the midnight’s central street in Harbin. At midnight,the whole street was golden, and the ice cream in my hand became my memory.



  In this photography competition, students showed their unique thoughts on food from different angles and compositions. They used unique compositions and appetizing filters to make the pictures interesting. In particular, the pictures about Cola and Strawberries were close to the level of commercial works. Some recorded the daily diet of their families, presenting peace and love. I hope that the students will make persistent efforts to take more excellent photos.






  Even if you stay at home

  A meal, a picture

  We can live a different life

  What other beautiful things do you treasure in life?

  Could you take photos for them, and share them with us?

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